Art of Aqua Cinnamon Sticks (50g)

Art of aqua

Cinnamon sticks (dried cinnamon bark) are not only used by shrimps, crabs, snails and fish (e.g. catfish) as a shelter, hiding place, and spawning ground but also as a valuable supplier of fiber. The cinnamon sticks get great reddish color in the aquarium and are a special eye-catcher in your aquarium.

Cinnamon sticks increase the vitality and well-being of your residents in the aquarium in a purely natural way. Valuable tannins, various essential oils, and humic substances contribute to good water quality and protect and care for your shrimp.

Recommended Usage:

Add 2 cinnamon sticks for every 60l of aquarium water. Soak beforehand (1 hour) or briefly (5 minutes) boil the cinnamon sticks.

Collections: Tropical

Category: Shrimp Products, Tropical

Type: Unknown Type

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