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The GLOSSY line of exclusive aquarium sets has been expanded to include a new model: a cube-like aquarium with a capacity of 135 litres. At present, offbeat solutions are highly sought after by aquarists. In order to meet this demand, AQUAEL has launched yet another novelty product: the unique GLOSSY CUBE aquarium set with a cube-like tank with the dimensions of 50x50x63 cm and a real capacity of 135 l.

The new set employs proven solutions that have already been implemented in the GLOSSY line of products and have found market acceptance. The conventional lid has been replaced with a decorative black strip pasted to the inside of the tank. This gives the impression of a single glass plate stretching from the base of the tank to its upper edge. In combination with a 90-cm high aquarium stand with doors made of high-gloss panels, the tank creates a unique decorative effect (the aquarium stand is purchased separately). Thanks to its stylish appearance, the GLOSSY CUBE set will fit perfectly into any modern interior.

The lighting units supplied with the GLOSSY CUBE are based on innovative energy-efficient and durable LEDDY TUBE RETROFIT 10 W modules. By using LED modules, you save money in two ways. First, you save on electricity bills (since LED lamps consume half as much power as comparable fluorescent lamps), and second, the lamps do not have to be frequently replaced. The set includes two lighting modules; however, you can install up to two additional modules to meet the specific needs of plants in your tank. This allows for the GLOSSY CUBE sets to be used successfully for growing sunloving plant species like Glossostigma, Hemianthus, or Eleocharis parvula.

The GLOSSY CUBE set is offered without equipment, which creates a good opportunity for combined sales. Besides an aquarium stand and additional lighting units, the buyer can be offered a filter (the tank contains special openings for the installation of high-performance and easy-to-use canister filters), a heater, and other pieces of equipment. The GLOSSY CUBE set is ideal for those aquarium lovers who are looking for a modern, stylish, and unconventional aquarium set.

  • a fashionable cube-like shape
  • looks great in any interior
  • energy-efficient and long-lived LED lighting
  • easily expandable lighting unit
  • a matching aquarium stand can be purchased separately

Collections: Tropical

Category: Aquariums, Tropical

Type: Unknown Type

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