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ALUDEKOR water tanks are made of durable glass panels of proper thickness that are bonded with special black silicone. This not only makes the tank durable and watertight but also reduces the discernibility of dirt and sediment.

The lid of the water tank included in the ALUDEKOR set is made of aluminium profiles and plastic plates. The lid is decorated with veneer strips that can be selected to suite the room interior. For your convenience, with each set we include veneer strips in four colours: black, beech, wenge, and alder. Having chosen the desired colour, you can fit the veneers on the aquarium on your own.

Another useful feature of the lid is a special flap door that facilitates the feeding of fish. Special apertures at the back of the lid can be used to easily thread water hoses from a canister filter.

The ALUDEKOR set boasts excellent lighting. The highly efficient T5 fluorescent lamps provide sufficient light for the successful cultivation of most species of aquatic plants. Thanks to electronically assisted operation, T5 fluorescent lamps have a longer service life, consume less power, emit a more uniform light by eliminating the flicker effect, and do not unnecessarily heat up the water in the tank.


The ALUDEKOR set is offered in two versions: one with a rectangular and the other with an oval front wall. The set does not include an aquarium stand. A special aquarium stand can be purchased separately.

Product Size
width - depth - height
Capacity [l] Lighting [T5] Colours
ALUDECOR 80 Rectangular 80x35x40 112 2 x 24 W black / wenge / alder / beech
ALUDECOR 100 Rectangular 100x40x50 200 2 x 39 W black / wenge / alder / beech
ALUDECOR 120 Rectangular 120x40x50 240 2 x 39 W black / wenge / alder / beech
ALUDECOR 150 Rectangular 150x50x50 375 2 x 54 W black / wenge / alder / beech


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