Have you ever wanted to own an aquarium or currently own an aquarium, but scared to commit to the monthly maintenance involved, or the rush of life is getting in your way.

Look no further, we offer an awesome maintenance plan, where we look after your tank and you sit back and enjoy the view.



Maintenance Benefits consists of us doing the following:

  • Supplying water for scheduled water changes
  • Water Tests
  • Monthly Checklist
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Restacking Rocks
  • Marine or Freshwater Tanks
  • 10% Discount on consumables
  • Weekly or Biweekly Maintenance 
  • Delivering and Acclimating Livestock


We look after your tank so you don’t have to.

We also leave enough RO Water with you to make sure that your tank doesn’t run dry until we come for the next session.

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