Pond Salt

Water Garden

Pond Saltâ„¢ is a chemically sound blend of salts designed to replicate the native ionic environment of goldfish and koi without adversely impacting on pond plants when used at the recommended dosage. It can also be useful to temporarily reduce nitrite toxicity in an emergency situation. It does not impact pH. For pH control, use Pond Acid Bufferâ„¢ or Pond pH Bufferâ„¢.

Pond Saltâ„¢ is more than just a simple sodium chloride product. Other salts can burn leaves and roots in a planted pond. However, Pond Saltâ„¢ does not cause this type of damage, and actually provides many nutrients crucial to healthy plant growth. Pond Saltâ„¢ is a safe and effective alternative to the sodium chloride based pond salts so prevalent.


Collections: Koi

Category: Koi, Pond, Water Preparation

Type: Water Treatment

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