Thank you for visiting our website. Dorry Pets was established in 2007 as an online store and has grown rapidly to a successful retail shop front. We specialise in marine and tropical planted tanks. With over 400 square meters, you'll find what you're looking for at Dorry Pets.
Our goal is to provide useful information and trusted products to aquarium enthusiasts and to actively encourage others to bring a small piece of the aquatic world into their homes.

Who is Dorry Pets

We are a large retail store with devoted aquarium specialists. We are committed to providing you, the end user, with high quality products, great service, and useful information. We stand behind every product we sell and we will not compromise quality or service just to make more money.

We keep close relationships with our clients and have intimate knowledge regarding each of their systems.

Our Business Philosophy

Our success depends on the quality of the relationships we have with our clients. From our experience we realized that relationships need to be grounded in trust. We gain our trust from our clients through personal interaction, sharing of information, laughs and tips on maintaining a successful aquarium.

As an ethical business, we believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the aquatic environment. In order to make this hobby possible, we encourage you to do your part to help protect aquatic life.